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Gil Rigoulet

Gil Rigoulet Gil Rigoulet began his career in the press in 1975, and in the early 80s became the first regular photographer for Le […]

Estelle Lagarde

estelle lagarde A major encounter with a man who is a painter led me to photography. He transmitted to me the technical and artistic […]

Pepe Atocha

Pepe Atocha “In the dark we are not judged, it is where we experience our spiritual roots and where the mysteries are born.” My […]

Dana Cojbuc

Dana Cojbuc         Following a double degree in Fine Arts in Bucharest and in communication at the University of Athens, she developed […]

Bruno Le Namouric

Bruno Le Namouric Photographer The story is simple, almost too simple. In 1993, Bruno Le Namouric is 22 years old. He started photography under […]

Franck Landron

Franck Landron artist Franck Landron’s photography is a place of recreation, challenges and joyful and rebellious experimentation. Since 1971, the year he was given […]

Camille Vignaud

Précédent Suivant Imprint Mémoire poétique. Photogramme réalisé par l’artiste. Epreuve unique. Mémoire poétique. Photogramme réalisé par l’artiste. Epreuve unique. La main de Camille Vignaud. […]

Pierre Bourrigault

Pierre Bourrigault Artist and illustrator A keen observer of the details of everyday life, nature and animals, the artist purifies and transcribes his observations […]

Dhagpo Lobsang

Lobsang Photographer Traveling photographer, Dhagpo Lobsang travels the world since he fled his native Tibet. Making his own the thought of Saint-Exupéry “perfection is […]

Marie-Jeanne Caprasse

Marie-Jeanne Caprasse Précédent Suivant Painter and ceramist Trained as a painter, she has been exhibiting since 2007 in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Her activity […]

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