Bruno Le Namouric


The story is simple, almost too simple. In 1993, Bruno Le Namouric is 22 years old. He started photography under the impulse of a friend who introduced him to printing. From the start, the possibility of developing an image and being able to act on its representation, its meaning with the desire to learn this particular chemistry, he who already has a declared aptitude for this discipline. This will even lead him to become a photographic restorer and to integrate the prestigious Institut National du Patrimoine. His excellent training gives him a photographic culture, and a rare expertise of the photographic support. He continues throughout his training in printing in order to understand, to seek how to make image and on which support. This formal research and the support is always at work in his approach. The series presented here, printed using the Fresson process, is a testament to this. It was made in Los Angeles in 2000 where, armed with his camera, he shot the city with Ektachrome. And in order to photographically experience the automotive DNA of Los Angeles, he shoots while driving from the car.

To the question: what is the trigger for a photograph?
Bruno Le Namouric answers that he “does not look at the same things in the same way (with a camera, a Leica with a screw from 1932).
I walk a lot and I’m constantly wondering if there is a picture to take”.

Constantly armed with his Leica, he searches every day for what would make an image. Even if he refuses “the need to produce and return images constantly to society. I only do what I like, when I feel like it, I am not obliged to do anything. Bruno Lenamouric shoots his own black and white photographs.

In this, he willingly defines himself as an amateur. And by this very fact, he is in the vein of photographers such as Jacques Lartigue, the images are going well, making a corpus although he denies it.

Bruno Le Namouric lives and works in Paris.

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