To you

To you

Vingt-Neuf Juillet – Quatre Octobre 2021

La Volante, piece in one Act.

The Volante was played in a short season. Always echoing the guiding principle of the gallery, the embodiment of space, we must pay tribute to you who are reading this letter and have crossed the threshold of La Volante.
Time zéro (rue des Arènes)
It was first a sound : a step, a breath, a word. Sometimes time stopped here.

First time (in the gallery)
First visitor, a pause.
First gaze, pause.
The time of discovery, of emotion, of reflection, of questioning perhaps.
Second time
Second sound of voice, often different from the first, tinged with a feeling, an expectation, an invitation to exchange.
Second look, the eyes detached from the image meet mine.
Third time

The eyes and the words look for each other, complete each other, add up and inhabit the space of a moment.

This living matter is deposited until the next reactivation.

October, 4th. One, two, three people have passed the door. Each visitor is unique, he does not erase the steps of his predecessor.

And like a palimpsest, the visits add up and give substance to the works, to the walls, to future visitors.

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