The artist’s hand

The artist’s hand

At the time of the shiny, smooth and cold surface governed by the hand that swipes, clicks and taps, La Volante has chosen to highlight the hand of artistic labor.

The wet hand from the developer bath, the hand darkened by the red light of the darkroom, the blackened hand of charcoal, colored with pastel, the caressing hand of paper, the hand weighted down by the weight of the camera… ultimately the hand engaged in the creative act.

With “Photography and more”, the credo of La Volante, it is a question here of more: further than photography with hybrid works, further in the commitment of the artist who intervenes, manipulates and manufactures himself. .Avec « Photography and more », le credo de La Volante, il s’agit ici du plus : plus loin que la photographie avec des oeuvres hybrides, plus avant dans l’engagement de l’artiste qui intervient, manipule et fabrique lui-même.

Previously, the text of the exhibition Volutes (newsletter of 12 /08) cited the choreographer A.T. de Keersmaeker as a source of inspiration. The citation refers beyond the spatial perception, to the engagement of the body of the artist whose hand is the tool and the vector most used, the first hand initiating the creative act and the last hand of the final touch of the work.

The hands of … Pierre Bourrigault.
The result of a long process, his delicate drawings, from photographs, are colored in pencil on Japanese paper, Washi. Washi paper, made from mulberry bark, is a tradition from the 6th century, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, still perpetrated in three regions of Japan. Pierre Bourrigault contributes to the manufacturing process at Villa Agostini in Tuscany. The artist tells how to pose the lines and the color by adapting to the texture, the relief and the carnation of the paper.

The hands of… Camille Vignaud
The artist creates photograms and photographs that she prints herself from old papers that she has found, carrying other stories and hazards. Her hand powdered with gold, carries the pen and thus “papers, image fragments, words, graphite, gold and light are both the vectors and the revelators that allow her to recompose memories and emotions.”

The hands of … Dhagpo Lobsang
After years of training with the photographer Sebran d’Argent, the photographer has mastered the art of black and white and color printing. The artist shoots his fanstamatic landscapes with a subtle variety of shades. Pushing the boundaries of photography, he creates carnal works bordering on painting.

The hands of … Dana Cojbuc
In the Yggdrasil series, the artist works in two stages. First she takes photographs then uses charcoal, pastel and black chalk on the print. She thus says: “photography records my gaze and drawing offers a new experience where my memories are tied and revived (…) The charcoal lines traced in the continuity of the photo give it the appearance of a drawing bringing the spectator outside the photographic frame. “.

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