estelle lagarde

A major encounter with a man who is a painter led me to photography. He transmitted to me the technical and artistic bases of the medium. As a DPLG architect in 2000, my know-how in photography and black and white printing developed over the next three years. In 2003, the desire to become a professional encouraged me to meet personalities from the world of photography: strong encouragement from the VU agency and Gilles Mora.  The appreciations of Michèle Chomette, Agathe Gaillard, and Françoise Paviot enrich my approach. In 2004, the death of my mentor, the mourning and the upheaval lead me to an obsessive reinvestment of buildings destined for demolition. Color photography appears. The work evolves through my encounters with places, most often atypical, which inspire me to create various works. In 2020, I renew with the landscape and the journey with a look modified by twenty years of photographic approach.

This Treasures series was made in 2020 in Iceland and printed by the master of printing Diamantino Quintas.

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