Pepe Atocha

“In the dark we are not judged, it is where we experience our spiritual roots and where the
mysteries are born.”
My work is a way of looking through the symbolic manifestations of nature, revealing energy
rather than matter.
In the dark room, I find a physical/mental space where I reveal images that are far from the
the condemnation of the exact description of the tangible; pictures that emerge in the light of play, research, intuition
intuition, collage; capturing shadows instead of matter, allowing us to make visible in
the world of energies that interact with the physical dimension and fantasy.
I look for ways to represent the living, while questioning our relationship with the technique and aesthetics
technique and aesthetics. Always with the taste of slowing down the time in order to give a materiality to the image.
The photography without camera allows me to have a durable vision of the world, by exempting me from the rules of the progress
digital progress.

Pepe Atocha lives and works in Tarapoto, High Amazonia, Peru.

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