As in every late autumn, we’re in Paris with Pepe Atocha, Céline Alson, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Pierre Bourrigault, Marie-Jeanne Caprasse, Franck Landron, Estelle Lagarde, Bruno Le Namouric, Lobsang, Clara Montrieul, Camille Vignaud.

Below is a selection of some of the hundred or so works on show.



Opening on Friday, December 8, from 6 pm

exhibition on view until December 17, open daily from 2 pm-7.30 pm and by appointment mornings and evenings

Atelier 36

36 boulevard de la Bastille

75012 Paris

Arles Summer 23

Torpor, dreams and fantasies of nature and mankind
An immobile journey through realistic and invented visions of today’s world.

With alternating works by

Pepe Atocha, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Pierre Bourrigault, Jean-Luc Caradec, Dana Cojbuc, Marie-Jeanne Caprasse,
Estelle Lagarde, Franck Landron, Bruno Le Namouric,Lobsang, Gil Rigoulet, Roger-Viollet and Camille Vignaud

14 rue Reattu until September 24th

from 11 am-1 pm from 3 -7 pm daily except Saturday and Sunday morning

Saison 3 Paris

Looking for a new way to spice up your coffee machine conversations? Forget about Netflix, OCS, Prime, and Disney +. Instead, come and check out the latest season of La Volante featuring Franck Landron, Olivier Cans, Marie-Jeanne Caprasse, Bruno Lenamouric, and Camille Vignaud.
Join us in Franck Landron’s studio for an exciting lineup of photographs, ceramics, and more. We’ll even treat you to a free cup of coffee! And for those who are interested, we have cocoon prices starting at €100. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals over great art and coffee.

December 18th
10H-19H and by appointment

L’Atelier 36
36 boulevard de la Bastille – 75012 Paris

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