Marie-Jeanne Caprasse

Painter and ceramist

Trained as a painter, she has been exhibiting since 2007 in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. In recent years, her painting activity has been enriched by new mediums: photography and ceramics.
Her work is steeped in an ambivalence that, on the one hand, marvels at the treasures that Nature offers us but, on the other, worries about its destruction. Her approach of “disorientation” and “mutation” is the sense that she seeks to disturb and displace by immersing the viewer in a suspended world on the border of the real and the unreal. At the heart of her preoccupations lies a perpetual quest for that strangeness that inhabits the world, that subtle alchemy between man and Nature, between the visible and the invisible. Withdrawing from the tumult of contemporary society, she immerses herself in the mysteries of organic life, where minerals and plants, animals and humans, weave together the complex fabric of existence.
Marie-Jeanne Caprasse was born in Bruxelles. She lives and works in Paris.

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