Dana Cojbuc




Following a double degree in Fine Arts in Bucharest and in communication at the University of Athens, she developed her first research in photography. Nourished by techniques and materials, between sculpture, painting, drawing and video, her recent artistic experiments mix photography and drawing. An extension of the hand gesture to go beyond the frame of the image, a subtle fusion between the two media, until getting lost at their border. His works operate a shift from the real to other invented worlds, that of the dreamlike narrative with the Winter Tale series (2018- 2019), of a mythology of nature with Yggdrasil (2020-21) and a return to his Romanian origins, a memory, a reminiscence or a vision, a fantasy in the series Opening the shore (2022)
A European who has been awarded scholarships and creative residencies in Greece, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Norway and France, has worked in journalism, and coordinates European artistic projects, all the while building her photographic work. Her work has been exhibited at the Sunnhorland Museum (Norway), the Backlight Triennial (Finland), the Circulations exhibition (Paris), the Manifesto Festival (Toulouse-France), the Confrontations Festival (Gex-France), the House of Central European Photography in Bratislava, and at the Franciscaines Deauville (France) during the Planches Contact Festival.
Finalist Photo Brussels Festival Prize, « In the shadow of trees » 2021.
Jury Prize for the Tremplins Jeunes Talents residence, Festival Planches Contact Deauville (France) 2022
Winner of the Scholarship Talent Paysage 2022, French National LIbrary (BNF)
She published her first photographic book Yggdrasil in June 2022.


Dana Cojbuc was born in 1979 in Romania. She lives and works in Paris, France.



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